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Do you have some news to report or have a question about the website or maybe just a techincal question not answered in the Troubleshooting section? Feel free to contact us using the form below. Be sure to include a VALID email address so we may respond to your question.

Most of the questions we receive can and will be answered by referring you to an existing article on the website. Please review them first for answers to your questions before sending us an email.

Also please do not ask us to make a map for you, or ask how to design or make Halo CE maps. We do not make the maps we just host them for download. There is a User Forum set up where you can post questions about map designing.

Thank you.

Most Common Questions
Title Date Viewed
I can't download files from your website 05-09-2005 15191
Where do I put the maps I downloaded? 06-21-2007 11412
Minimum system requirements for Halo 2 for Windows Vista 06-05-2007 9701
How to Join Windows Live 10-14-2007 7655
Known video issues for Halo 2 for Windows Vista 06-05-2007 7354
Description of Silver and Gold memberships for Games for Windows LIVE 06-14-2007 6967
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