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Title: H2mt Icefields
File: H2MT_icefields.zip
Size: 9.6M  Date: 04/19/11
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 4234    
Author: Twinreaper
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This is the follow up to the Beta version of Icefields. Everything has changed, and is now 100% and tested for release.
Teams Supported: 2

Gametypes Supported: All

Vehicle Set:

2 x Warthog
2 x Gaus Warthog
2 x Ghosts
2 x Plasma Turrets
2 x Human Turrets

Weapon Set:

6 x Halo 1 Pistol
6 x Assault Rifle
4 x Plasma Rifle
3 x Plasma Pistol
2 x Human Sniper Rifle
4 x Needler
4 x Shotgun
2 x Flamethrower
1 x Rocket Launcher
1 x Fuel Rod Cannon

Power-up Set:

12 x Frag grenades
16 x Plasma Grenades
1 x Overshield
1 x Invisibility
2 x Sniper Ammo

Custom Map Items:

- Tree Levaes
- Blue Base Beacons
- Patchy Fog
- Pistol and Assault Rifle sounds
- Snow Weather System

As stated, map supports all gametypes, but plays best on Assault, CTF and KOTH.


Total Downloads:(since Oct,1 2006)

Total Bytes Served:
7.07 Terabytes

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