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Title: Ascension Redux
File: ascension_redux.zip
Size: 12.6M  Date: 09/05/10
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 1363    
Author: Baltic Beazt
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type: remake
notes: this is basicly a remake of original level Ascension redux,
the bsp ( model of level) is almost perfectly the same, also texturing is quite precise, but
there are some differences, like midle part (antenna) not turning.

weapons: H3 asault rifle, recon rifle, battle rifle, spiker, needler, black halo 1 pistol, halo 1 pistol, h3 magnum, and other weapons...
gametypes: all ( single king of hill is placed red teams base, perfect for tower of power)


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7.07 Terabytes

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