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Title: Shaders and Bitmaps
File: Shaders_and_Bitmaps.zip
Size: 4.7M  Date: 09/05/10
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Unknown
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Author: ?
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I thought i would make availible some of my special effect shaders.
I put together my lift effect, moving clouds, gravity bridge, plasma and lavafall shaders for all to enjoy.
For anyone who does not know how to make a shader move, mess around with them, swap out bitmaps, change settings, and you will soon learn how to make your own special effect shaders, but make sure you back up the original shader. Please read the read me files I put in with it it, explains how to use them.

Put the bitmaps in the tags/scenarios/bitmaps/forerunner/industrial/tech folder.

Put the shaders in the tags/scenarios/shaders/forerunner/industrial/tech folder.

Put the tiff files in data/scenarios/bitmaps/forerunner/industrial/tech folder.


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