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Title: Tombstone Devolved
File: tombstone_devolved.zip
Size: 33.4M  Date: 03/28/10
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Unknown
Downloads: 1356    
Author: Johnnyblaz20 and Kills Alone
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I tested the new weapon set out with a few other players and it feels pretty well balanced.

I went with the Halo CE Assault Rifle and Black CE Pistol as the starting weapons. The Black CE Pistol provides 13 points of damage per shot (compared to the originals 25 damage points). Mind, it is still headshot capable and cannot be dual wielded. The Pistol still has great range (and zoom) while the AR will usually win against the Pistol in a close quarters battle. To me, that is a great balance.

All SMGs have been replaced with ARs and I left many of the original weapons on the map, so if you do not care for an AR, you can still pick up a Battle Rifle. What this means is that the game will play out differently then the first release because not everyone will be relying solely a BR.

Here is the new weapon set:

AR starting/Black Pistol secondary

5x HCE Assault Rifles (replacing H2 SMGs)
1x HCE AR Rusty
2x HCE Pistol (replacing H2 Magnum)
2x H2 Plasma Pistol

1x H2 Rocket
1x H2 Sniper Rifle
1x H2 Energy Sword
2x H2 Brute Shot
2x H2 Powerup Super Shield
3x H2 Battle Rifle
3x H2 Needler
4x H2 Shotgun
5x H2 Plasma Rifle
12x H2 Plasma Grenade
24x H2 Frag Grenade

Previously released for Halo 2 on the original XBox, Tombstone is a remake of Hang 'Em High from Halo CE.

The UNSC decommissioned this munitions testing complex after safety concerns came to light.


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