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Title: Sandtrap
File: sandtrap.zip
Size: 20.1M  Date: 03/04/10
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 1735    
Author: E'shn J. Artunian
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Sandtrap Remix makes use of weapons from Halo CE, 2 and 3. It features many changes that should allow for new tactics in the H2V engine.


H3 (Dual) Magnum M6G
H2 Gravity Hammer
H2 Pike
HCE Pistol Black - less damage/accuracy/range
HCE Assault Rifle - with H3 settings
HCE Assault Rifle Rusty - with HCE settings
Recon Rifle Red - full auto BR, no scope, more ammo, damage/accuracy/range
H2 (Dual) Silenced SMG - fixed ammo pickup
Chain Gun - improved FP and TP nodes, it looks better
H3 Splazer - needs work, but should do for now
Secret Melee Weapon!

H2 Battle Rifle
H2 Carbine
H2 Beam Rifle
H2 Sniper Rifle
H2 Brute Shot
H2 Shotgun
H3 Needler
H2 Plasma Rifle
H2 Brute Plasma Rifle
H2 Rocket Launcher
H2 H Turret


Box Shield (10 Use) - blocks bullets and deflects nades. Rox will explode, but explosions do pass through. You can fire at enemy's from inside of the Box
Gravity Lift (10 use) - improved visuals, removed annoying temp effects


4x Warthog
2x Troop Warthog
2x Spectre
4x Ghost
1x Banshee
1 Wraith


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7.22 Terabytes

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