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Title: Odstbattle
File: odstbattle.zip
Size: 3.2M  Date: 01/02/10
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Small
Downloads: 1135    
Author: Connorcpu
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All of the objects on the map are modded, but this is
nothing special because there are only 2 types of weapons.
I have recreated the Halo ODST weapons, the Silenced Pistol
and Silenced SMG. Both have a 2x magnification scope,
although there is no HUD when zoomed. The magnum is especially
powerful because it can 3 hit with headshots, 1 hit if the game
is SWAT. The SMG is good if your just rushing blindly into
battle as it has a continuois fire. Neither weapon can be dual
wielded, but to make up for this, they have an increased damage

Starting Equipment:
Primary Weapon - ODST SMG (240/240 Ammo)
Secondary Weapon - ODST Pistol (50/70 Ammo)
Grenades - 2 Fragmentation Grenades

Weapons on Map:
--ODST SMG (240/240 Ammo) - Located in the bases
--ODST Pistol (50/70 Ammo) - Located in the bases


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