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Title: Gephyrophobia
Description: A recreation of the Halo 1 Level Gephyrophobia
File: gephyrophobia.zip
Size: 9.3M  Date: 09/12/08
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 3856    
Author: Johnnyblaz20
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Author's Notes:
I am a huge halo fan and when i got halo 2 i was disapointed that there were some awsome maps missing so i'm going through and porting a few of my favs for you people. If you don't know how to run custom maps just look around, its easy.
This is a ported map meaning i did not construct the bsp or trees/rocks but i did put alot of time making this map look good. Its deffinetly halo 2 worthy.

This is the 3rd halo 1 port of mine. I'll maybe do one more.


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7.26 Terabytes

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