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Title: FFERNANDO's Race Track
File: ff's_track.zip
Size: 4.9M  Date: 09/12/08
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 1585    
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Well after some time i created my second map my race track, this time like it has no errors cause hired gun doesn’t care about good errorless maps, but enough about that IM COOLAID the halo custom edition Ai map creator and now its vista time.

A new vehicle the turret less warthog

And i put the fuel rod gun, then the silenced SMG's

Errors sorry for the dark rooms tried my hardest to make some light in there but couldn't so i added so headlong_lights and the rest work fine

WHAT U HAVE TO DO IS TRAVEL ALL THE WAY TO THE SHEE FINISH LINES and only slayer and juggernaut works
Oddball no need,


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