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Title: Sol System
File: sol.zip
Size: 6.1M  Date: 09/12/08
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 3564    
Author: Slaters Fury
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Notes; Made this map as a sequel to Excaliber, Lots and lots of guys said it needs two ships, well here it is. A space station and a ship and i also threw in a floating platform.All gametypes work as there supposed to. So, if you liked Excaliber your gonna love this.

when you get through downloading the map because it is in zip format you have to extract it. to do this double click on the folder you downloaded, now you should see the HaloMaps readme, the map itself, and the readme file. click the button above them all that says extract all files then drag and drop or copy and paste, the map file into the following folder. documents,my games, Halo 2, Maps. restart halo 2, that's it.


Total Downloads:(since Oct,1 2006)

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7.22 Terabytes

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