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Title: Blood Gorge 2
File: blood.zip
Size: 10.0M  Date: 03/18/08
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 2050    
Author: Slaters Fury
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I've been wanting to do a "Do Over" on Blood Gorge for a while to fix more than a few mistakes, some i didn't see until it was to late, some i didnt know how to fix at that time. Well i finally got around to it. This is a completely new map from scratch, I kept some of the old stuff, put in a lot of new. More brigdes, more tunnels, banshees, secret teleporters that dont look like teles. Bases have better fuctionality for ease of movement. All game types work on this one. All in All a much better map.


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7.22 Terabytes

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