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Title: Trees Tags Models (MAX)
Description: A collection of Leafy Tree objects used to build H2V maps
File: Trees_Tags-models.zip
Size: 2.6M  Date: 03/18/08
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Unknown
Downloads: 481    
Author: Waringshot3
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Getting the trees into your level in 3ds max

You can just fire up the trees.max file and start a new level from there but if you already got a level and need these trees in the level look at using merge (just down a few lines).

or if you are using gmax or something else donít worry I exported the trees into .3ds and .obj formats for you but you will have to set up the materials again (look down to where I explain each material so you know what to put in).

The scale of the trees might be off so just scale them up or down on and if you want to see both sides to the leaves just untick backface cull in the objects properties and you will have to weld some verts, just select all the vertexs and hit weld and that should fix smoothing errors.

(more details in readme.txt file)


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