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Title: H2V Dev Trainer V0.10b
Description: H2VDevTrainer unlocks certain features within Halo 2 Vista that are otherwise unaccessable or non-existant.
File: H2VDevTrainerV0.10b_by_Paulus.zip
Size: 106.8K  Date: 01/08/08
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Unknown
Downloads: 33574    
Author: Paulus
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Note that this is a beta release.

I have not been able to test this with the latest update to Halo 2 Vista.

A message box will popup saying "Reset" during resolution changes and
at other times. This has been left in so that it is possible to terminate
Halo 2 if you accidently specify a fullscreen resolution that is not
supported by your monitor.

As far as I can tell, multiplayer is disabled when H2VDevTrainer is loaded,
and you should not try to use it with multiplayer.

If you use LIVE and H2VDevTrainer in campaign, you are doing so at your own risk.

I cannot take responsibility for anything unfortunate that happens when you use H2VDevTrainer.

H2VDevTrainer will open my facebook page when loading. I appologise if this becomes annoying
but the idea is to encourage feedback via facebook.

Deathless Player
you cannot die - must reapplied after loading a game.

Bottomless Clip
your human ammo does not decrease

Infinite Battery
your alien ammo/battery does not decrease

No Overheat
your alient weapons do not overheat

Infinite Grenades
you have infinite grenades - this may not show until
you change grenade type

allows you to jump to a custom height (e.g. very high)

Height: allows you to specify the custom jump height

One Shot Kills
damage caused by you will be fatal, which includes
players, scenery, gun turrets, invicible players

Time Freeze
(not as good as Physics Freeze) will freeze everything
except you, but characters will jump to where they were
going once time is unfrozen.

Physics Freeze
(very good) Removes gravity and friction for most
objects. Characters cannot shoot etc.
but will continue to float in whatever direction they were
travelling in or are pushed in. Particles are frozen.

You can choose "experimental" or "safe".
Experimental means that you can drive vehicles when
physics freeze or time freeze is on.

Save Checkpoint
Not implemented.

Skull 1 The following options activate the built-in "skulls".
Skull 2 These are a lot of fun. Try activating them all
Skull 3 (except skull 7) for a fun game.
Skull 4
Skull 5
Skull 6
Skull 7 Skull 7 is "Blind", which removes your HUD (great for screenshots).
Skull 8
Skull 9
Skull 10
Skull 11
Skull 12
Skull 13
Skull 14
Skull 15


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