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Title: Xtreme Climb
Description: Ever wanted a non-competitive map? Well, get ready for Xtreme Climb, a map that tests your jumping skill and co-ordination as you jump through various platforms and obstacles to reach the top of the map. Can you do it?
File: xtreme_climb.zip
Size: 4.1M  Date: 07/16/07
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 1034    
Author: McJix
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About : This map was orginally designed for non-competive gamers, being those who just like to have fun. Even competivie gamers, like myself, have found this map quite fun and even challenging even though no killing is involved. Don't take my word for it though, try it out yourself! See how far you can get! If you are having trouble, follow this guide for the tough spots:

The strait stairs: Use the center support to prop up against, and then jump up strait. A normal jump works fine, but crouch jumping works best.

The slide (1st section): After the first stairs, you'll come across a slide. Don't slide down it. Jump on the edge of the slide, being the top, and then get a running jump and onto the teleporter platform below.

The glass stairs: Might be hard to see, especially if your gamma settings are off, but use your weapon and fire into the stairs to find out if thats a real spot.

The cones (3rd section): The cones require good jumping, and must be really close to the center to make it. On the 3rd and 2nd to last cones, you must crouch jump to make it.

I hope this guide helps you.


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