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Title: 27 Days Later
File: 27_days_later.zip
Size: 2.0M  Date: 07/12/07
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Unknown
Downloads: 552    
Author: McJix
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Description : A bizarre climb to the top involving various platforms in an asymectrical map. Works best for games such as Single Flag CTF and Assault, but all game varients will work.

About : IMPORTANT!!! To climb up the stairs close to the top of the map easily, you must crouch jump. To crouch jump, press the "Crouch" key (Default is SHIFT) at the apex (top) of your jump and you will be able to easily traverse the stairs.

Recommendation : This map is best suited for single flag/assualt games, but any will work.


Total Downloads:(since Oct,1 2006)

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7.26 Terabytes

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