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Title: Halo Bitmap Extractor V1.0
Description: This program exists to convert compiled Halo bitmaps (1 or 2) from their .bitmap format to an editable format.
File: Halo_Bitmap_Extractor.zip
Size: 434.0K  Date: 06/22/07
Media Type: Zip
Map Size: Unknown
Downloads: 2160    
Author: FireScythe
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Any bitmaps created by Bungie, Microsoft and/or those involved in bring you the halo games are their intellectual property and should be treated as such.

> Thumbnail views of all bitmaps
> Simple folder navigation
> Seperate RGB channel selection
> Alpha channel viewing
> Singular extraction of bitmaps and batch extraction of bitmaps
> Bitmap extraction from both Halo 1 and Halo 2 Vista tags

Big thanks to the DevIL Development team and to the creators of the Tao framework (.NET implimentation of the DevIL library).
Also credit goes out to Kornman for the TagInterfaceV2.dll which made my job easier ;) .

Feel free to contact me with bugs or suggestions.


PS. When you first start the program set up your directories in File > Settings


Total Downloads:(since Oct,1 2006)

Total Bytes Served:
7.19 Terabytes

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