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We are back.
Date: August 25 2009 - Section NEWS
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After an imposed hiatus the Halo 2 Vista website is once again updating files.  For those of you wondering (or care) why we were not updating files for quite some time it was due to a lightning strike that damaged many of the desktops in our office including the test platform we used for testing Halo 2 Vista maps.  With the down economy and the cost and time for the replacements we needed for our business we had to hold off replacing the test station.  “So why not load H2V on one of the replacement machines” you ask.  It is because we do not allow game software to be run on our development machines. Period. When you run a business you will understand why.

In any case we have replaced the test station and are now updating the website.  However I am sorely disappointed in the lack of maps that have been created  I would have expected a huge pile of maps but there are less than 2 dozen in all that need to be put online. I have gone through the first dozen and will be getting to the next batch in a day or so.  So map makers get busy. Or if have or you know of maps that are not in the archive be sure to upload them.

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