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Game For Windows LIVE Guide
Date: September 01 2007 - Section About Halo 2 Vista
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Xbox Guide

The LIVE Guide puts the Games for Windows – LIVE experience at your fingertips. It is a convenient, ever-ready launch pad to your gamer profile and gamer community. It gives you instant access to your friends, messaging, achievements, and personal settings. To access the LIVE Guide, press the Guide button on your controller or the Home key on your keyboard.

The six key areas of the LIVE Guide are:

  1. Gamer card: Displays your gamertag, gamer picture, and stats. Select your gamer card to go to your gamer profile, where you'll find these options: View Games, Edit Gamer Profile, View Rep, and Account Management.

    For more information, see
    Manage Your Gamer Profile.
  2. Messages: Exchange messages with members of LIVE and Xbox Live (online only).
  3. Friends: Check out your friends list (online only).
  4. Players: View the gamertags of last 50 people you've played with (online only).
  5. Private Chat: Initiate one-on-one voice chat with another player (online only).
  6. Personal Settings,which include options for:
    • Online Status – how you appear to other players while you're online
    • Voice – recording and playback device settings
    • Notifications – turn notifications on and off
    • Join LIVE or Upgrade Membership – sign up for LIVE or upgrade from Silver to Gold
The LIVE Guide is like an automated attendant, notifying you when your friends are online, when a friend has extended a game request, and when you've received a message or an invitation to chat.

Just want to focus on your game? Select Notifications and tell the LIVE Guide not to intrude. It's all up to you.

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