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After you install Halo 2 on Windows Vista, you cannot find the game
Date: June 05 2007 - Section Troubleshooting
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After you install Microsoft Games for Windows, you cannot find the game in Windows Vista. No shortcuts are created on the desktop. The game is not listed in the Programs menu.


When you install Games for Windows on Windows Vista, the shortcuts to the games are located in the Games Explorer folder. The Games Explorer folder is the central location for all the games on the computer. In the Games Explorer folder, you can find and open the games that are installed on the computer, download game information, and keep track of the games that you have played most recently.

To open the Games Explorer folder, click StartStart button, click All Programs, click Games, and then click Games Explorer.

Games Explorer image

Note New games usually appear automatically in the Games Explorer folder. However, some earlier games might not automatically appear in the Games Explorer folder. If the game does not automatically appear in the Games Explorer folder, drag the game's executable file to the Games Explorer folder. The game's executable file is located in the folder where you installed the game.


When you select the game in the Games Explorer folder and then right-click the title, you receive a list of options. These options change based on the game. Some common options are as follows:
Start and play the game.
Saved games
Access the saved game files. This option is not available for all games.
Copy the game shortcut from the Games Explorer folder to the desktop or to another location for easy access.
Pin to Start Menu
Have the game appear on the Start menu.
Add to Quick Launch
Add the game to the quick launch menu. The quick launch menu is located in the lower-left corner next to the Start button.
Change the properties of the shortcut. For example, change the compatibility mode.
Hide this game
Hide game shortcuts in the Games Explorer folder.

For more information about help and about how to use the Games Explorer folder in Windows Vista, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

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