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I Can't Upload files
Date: June 28 2005 - Section Website FAQ
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If you click on the "Click to Open File Transfer Window" and get a "page can not be found" error then most likely your FTP port (21) is blocked either by your firewall or router.

We accept all files via FTP (File Transport Protocol) which is different that via HTTP (Web pages). All Web browsers support the FTP protocol, however, it operates on a different port than HTTP. HTTP uses port 80, FTP uses port 21. If you are running a hardware or software firewall you must tell your firewall to allow communications on the FTP port 21. Most firewalls are configured by default to allow traffic on that port but some need to be explicitly told to allow it. There is no security risk in opening port 21 for file transport.

If you are using the Windows XP Service pack 2 Firewall you can configure the firewall to allow Internet Explorer to communicate on port 21.

  • Select Start>Settings>Control Panel

  • Double click on Security Center

  • Click on Windows Firewall and select the "Exceptions Tab"

  • Click On Internet Explorer entry (or the web browser you are using) and click "Add Port"

  • For the Name enter "FTP" then for the port enter "21" and click TCP then OK. - this just told the firewall to allow your web browser to communicate on port 21 (the FTP port)

  • Click OK, then close the Security Center window.

If you are using McAfee or Norton/Symantec firewall products you will have to refer to your manual on how to configure your firewall to allow your web browser to communicate on port 21. If your router is blocking port 21 then you will also have to refer to your router/firewall manual.

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