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Portals are used by Halo 2 to create separate zones within a single level. This allows the game engine to be more efficient in rendering assets as well as allowing unique background sounds and sound environments in different areas.

Once a level reaches a certain size, it will require portals due to the amount of data included in the levels tag files. Portal planes are placed in your 3D editor and must have the +portal material applied to the faces to be exported properly.

Some tips for creating portals are as follows:

·        To create a seal, portals must intersect world geometry or other portals.

·        Portal planes can extend outside the level.

·        Portal planes can be vertical, horizontal, or angled.

·        To view portals in Sapien, use the console command visibility_debug_1.

·        To turn off portals in Sapien, use the console command visibility_debug 0.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website www.halomaps.org
Halo 2 Vista Maps