Getting Started

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To get started building a simple environment, or map, you need to have the following installed and updated, if applicable:

·        Halo 2 for Windows Vista fully installed.

·        Halo 2 Map Editor fully installed.

·        Halo 2 .ass Exporter installed.

·        3ds Max ( fully installed and updated.

This section guides you through the process of creating a map for use in Halo 2. An overview of the steps involved is as follows:

1.      Create your environment in 3ds Max.

2.      Export your environment from 3ds Max.

3.      Import your environment to a tag format using Halo 2 Tool.

4.      Place spawn points in Halo 2 Sapien.

5.      Create and edit environment tags using Halo 2 Guerilla.

6.      Compile your .map file and launch into the environment in-game.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
Halo 2 Vista Maps