Technical Design Rules and Tips for Multiplayer Levels

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·        Halo 2 levels must support all seven multiplayer game types (Capture the Flag, Slayer (Deathmatch), King of the Hill, Oddball, Juggernaut, Assault, and Territories) to function properly. Missing netgame flags for necessary elements like objectives, player spawns, and so forth can cause the game or server to crash.

·        Supporting all the game modes in each level ensures consistency when playing multiplayer games.

·        Each level must have a minimum of 16 player spawns per team for each game type. Player spawns can be set up for use in more than one game type.

·        Adequate spawn points keep the game and player spawning behavior working.

·        Minimum distance between player spawns should be 20 units or greater for nonteam game types and 2.5 units or greater for team-based game types. If two or more spawn points are within these minimum distances, it’s possible that a player would not be allowed to spawn until there are no other players within the minimum distance.

·        Halo 2 has robust physics that must be considered for their impact on level design.

·        Avoid thin geometry in level design. Thin geometry is more likely to suffer from collision problems, as players and vehicles can pass through it. Manually created collision models should be simple and robust.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
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