Level Design Tips for Multiplayer Levels

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·         Keep the level simple. A level can have a simple layout yet still offer great gameplay depth for all Halo 2 game types.

·         Try to support all the game types well. Most multiplayer levels support some game types well, whereas others do not offer as good of a gameplay experience. This is the most challenging aspect of Halo 2 multiplayer level design.

·         Maps that support all the game modes well tend to be the most popular.

·         Popular Halo 2 multiplayer levels tend to be symmetric in layout but with balanced asymmetrical features that add variety without giving one side a distinct advantage. Asymmetrical features can be anything including terrain features, cover, powerups, or even weapons.

·         Balanced levels have two distinct team bases. with multiple entrances and exits to facilitate movement into and out of the base. Vehicles are very effective at blocking travel routes, so design the base entrances, exits, and access ramps accordingly.

·         A multiplayer level does not have to have every vehicle in it to be fun. Do not add vehicles if the level is not designed to support it.

·         Balancing the level for a player on foot versus a player in a vehicle is crucial. Take travel times and distances into account for both players. Teleporters are a good tool but are easy to abuse. Players can take flags through a teleporter. Only players can use teleporters; therefore, teleporters are good tools to balance travel distance and times between players on foot and players in vehicles.

·        Balance the weapons and item placement. Use these items to create or control traffic or game flow in certain areas of the level. Powerful weapons and powerups should be placed toward the middle of the level or require the player to travel a farther distance.

·         Keep players (and vehicles) out of places where they should not be. Use obstacles, sky, and player clipping to prevent exploiting the level.

·         Vehicles (especially Warthogs and Ghosts) can be manipulated into areas they should not be. Players will always try to block important level paths or objectives with vehicles. While these are valid tactics, make sure such tactics do not limit the gameplay in the level.

·         Be creative!


Courtesy of Halo Maps website www.halomaps.org
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