.ass Exporter

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.ass Exporter is the plug-in for 3ds Max that exports the world data (e.g., vertices, materials, world geometry) from 3ds Max to a file format (.ass) that Halo 2 Tool and Map Editor Launcher can understand.

The .ass file format is an intermediate version of a Halo 2 map on its way from a modeling program (3ds Max) to the Halo 2 for Windows Vista game engine. Data stored in .ass files must be compiled by Halo 2 Tool before the Halo 2 for Windows Vista engine can use the information.

For more detail about .ass Exporter, see the Using .ass Exporter section. For a complete file specification for the .ass file format, see the .ass File Specifications section.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website www.halomaps.org
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