Spawn Zones

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Spawn zones cause players to spawn in specific areas of the map during team games. Typically, at least two spawn zones should be placed per team map to ensure the red team spawns in the red base and the blue team spawns in the blue base.

Spawn zones are cylindrical and have settings to control width and height. In a Capture the Flag or other team game, players are only allowed to spawn within a zone of the same color as their team; for example, a blue player will only spawn within a blue team spawn zone.

Placing a Spawn Zone

Spawn regions are placed like other entities. In Sapien, browse to Game Data and then to Spawn Data, where you will find two categories: Initial Spawn Zones and Respawn Zones. Appropriate regions should be set for both of these types in the scenario.

Initial Spawn Zones: Control where players begin at the start of the game.

Respawn Zones: Control where players start when they die and respawn.

To place a spawn zone

1.      Select a spawn zones folder, and then right-click in the Game Window.

An entity handle appears for the spawn zone with a cylinder around it.

2.      In the Properties Palette, adjust the Upper Height, Lower Height, Inner Radius, and Outer Radius of the cylinder to complete the spawn zone.

3.      To assign a team color to the spawn zone, select the relevant team check box in the Properties Palette.

4.      To keep easy track of your spawn zone, give it a name in the Properties Palette.

Capture the Flag games at minimum require spawn points for red and blue teams. Finally, assign the game types that will activate the spawn zone in the Properties Palette.

Slayer, Oddball, Juggernaut, and King of the Hill spawn zones require assigning the relevant team flags be set.

In King of the Hill games, initial spawn zones do not need the neutral flag.

Weighting Spawn Zones

All spawn zones need a spawn weighting. The weighting tells Halo 2 how to handle respawns. Without a weighting, a spawn region will not function. Zones with a higher-value weighting override those with lower-value weightings.

Set a different weight for every zone in the Properties palette. Use higher values for the spawn zones you want to have players spawn at more often.

Spawn Flags

Spawn flags can be set to disable spawn zones when certain conditions are met. For example, if a flag or bomb is taken by the blue team, a spawn flag can close red spawn zones near the red base and allow red players to spawn closer to the blue base.


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