Sky Light Values

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Light direction, color, and intensity are set in the .sky file. Open the .sky file in Guerilla to edit these values.

To make a new sky for each level, create one from scratch, or copy an existing sky and modify its settings in Guerilla.

To edit the sky

1.      In Guerilla, open the .sky file (typically, in tags\scenarios\skies).

2.      Edit the following sky properties for your scenario.

Light Values

Four values control the overall lighting of your level: ambient light, light direction, light color, and power.

Ambient Light: The minimum light value a surface is allowed to have even if not exposed to direct light. Halo 2 for Windows Vista uses two types of ambient light: outdoor and indoor.

·        Outdoor ambient is the minimum brightness of any location exposed to the sky. This includes places that are in shadow but from which the sky surface can still be seen. Darker values are typically used for dramatic lighting conditions such as a sunset. Light values are perfect for a sunny day where light would naturally flood the scene.

·        Indoor ambient is the minimum brightness of any location not exposed to the sky. This could be underground or far enough inside a building so that no sky is visible. This will typically be black or close to it.

Light Direction: The direction of the sun. A compass direction and an inclination can be specified.

Light Color: The color of the light projected from the sun.

Light Power: The intensity of the sun's light. Halo 2 for Windows Vista simulates light bouncing, so light power controls brightness and how much sunlight scatters around the scenario. Most levels assign a power between 0.2 and 0.4.

Specifying Ambient Light

Under Ambient Light, two sets of RGB values and a box showing the current ambient light values are displayed. These values control the color and intensity of indoor and outdoor ambient light. Click the current value display box to adjust the light values.

Adjust the color and brightness as appropriate for the scenario, and then click OK.

Specifying Light Direction

Light direction depends on two settings: Yaw and Pitch. Change the Direction setting under Lights.

Yaw is the compass direction from which the light is projecting. 0 Projects light from the positive x direction (from the east in a 3ds Max top view).

Pitch controls the light's inclination. With the setting at 0, the sun would be on the horizon. Set the pitch to 90 to place the sun directly overhead. Adjust to the proper time of day for the scenario. Pitch also determines scenario shadowing.

Specifying Light Color

Radiosity primarily affects objects open to the sky. Under Radiosity, the current RGB values of the light are listed next to Color along with a box that shows the current color. Click the box to choose a new color or adjust the RGB values manually.

For daytime sky, a white or light orange color works well. For an evening sky, try a pale blue.


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