Placing Objects

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To place an object

1.      In Sapien, open the scenario.

2.      In the Hierarchy Pane, click the Mission folder, the Objects folder, the object category (e.g., Scenery, Crates, Sound, Scenery), and then Edit Palettes.

3.      In the Object Class drop-down list, click the object type you want, and then click Add.

4.      Find the appropriate tag for the object, click Add Tags, and then click Done.

5.      In the Hierarchy Pane, click the object category, and then right-click in the Game Window to place the object.

When an object is placed, an entry appears in the Hierarchy Pane, but in the Game Window only the Gizmo appears.

With an object and its type already selected, right-clicking in the Game Window will place a new instance of the object.

6.      Select the object, and then assign a type to the object in the Properties Palette.

The object should be rendered in the Game Window.

7.      Save the scenario.




Courtesy of Halo Maps website
Halo 2 Vista Maps