Placing Lights

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Light objects placed through Sapien are not intended to light the entire level and should be used in moderation.

To place a light

1.      In Sapien, open the scenario.

2.      In the Hierarchy Pane, click the Mission folder, the Lighting Data folder, the Lights folder, and then Edit Palettes.

3.      In the Object Class drop-down list, select the light object class if it is not already selected, and then click Add.

4.      Browse to the light tag you want to add (typically, in \tags\effects\generic_lights), click Add Tags, and then click Done.

5.      In the Hierarchy Pane, click the light, and then right-click in the Game Window to place the light.

6.      With the light selected, assign a type in the Properties Palette.

7.      Save the scenario.



A generic light object.


Resizing and Positioning a Light

Most aspects of a light object can be controlled using the Asset Manipulation Gizmo, including its size, shape, and brightness planes; however, to adjust these properties, the light must be set for custom geometry.

To set a light for custom geometry

ยท         In the Properties Palette, select Custom Geometry in the Flags section.



The custom geometry flag.

When a light is set for custom geometry, it has two Asset Manipulation Gizmos instead of one.




Adjust the height of the light planes


Adjust the size of the light cone


Access the rotation handles


Note that these properties can be adjusted in the Properties Palette with more precision.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
Halo 2 Vista Maps