The Object Palette

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An Object palette contains the list of objects, such as crates, barricades, and road cones, that the game engine loads for the scenario. These objects are independent of the level and are generally destructible. The list for these objects is created in Guerilla; however, the items themselves are placed on the terrain in Sapien.

To add a .crate object to an Object palette

1.      In Guerilla, open the scenario by clicking the Tags, Scenarios, and Multi folders and then clicking the level name where the scenario exists.

2.      In the Scenario Pane, click Crate Palette.

Objects currently in the palette are displayed in the object list.

3.      To add a new object, click Add.

A new entry appears in the object list with an empty text field displayed below the heading.

4.      To select an object (.crate file) to add, click Browse.

The .crate object files are found in tags\objects\gear or tags\scenarios\objects.

5.      To add the selected .crate file to the Object Palette, click Open.

6.      The new object can now be placed in the scenario in Sapien.

For more information on how to place objects see the Placing Objects article.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
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