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Location text refers to the different territories in the scenario of a Territories game type.

Creating Location Text

To add location text to a scenario, create a Unicode string file called location_names.txt and save it in the level folder. Typically, this is a folder with the same name as the level in the data/scenarios/multi folder. See the section on creating multilinqual_unicode_string_list files. For details, see the Creating Unicode Strings section.

Each level can have up to 16 territory names. Names are added to ge_territories_territory_x, where x is replaced with a number from 0 to 15.

Including Location Text in Levels

To include location text in a level

1.      In Guerilla, click the Tags, Scenarios, and Multi folders, and then open the scenario.

2.      Open the Level Data heading of the .scenario file.

Location text for the scenario is located in the Level Strings box. This will either be empty or display the name of the multilingual_unicode_string_list currently selected for the scenario.

3.      To change or add location text, click Browse, click the Tags, Scenarios, and Multi folders,select a new multilingual_unicode_string, and then click Open.

The name of the new location text file is displayed in the Level Strings box.


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