King of the Hill

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A King of the Hill game-type scenario requires 16 player start points and five hills.

Hills are an area defined by several "King Hill x" entities. The entities are added as netgame flags. These flags should be placed clockwise around the area you want to define as the ‘hill’. These points define the hill in the architect as well as the visual marker that the player sees in the game. They are sorted into an appropriate folder and each of these folders represents one possible hill. Halo 2 supports a maximum of eight hills per level.

To properly support a single hill KotH game, hill 0 should be placed in a central location of the level. For game modes that support more than one hill, the game engine will select hills at random from your level. The player who inhabits that area, alone, is considered king.

Hill entities need no particular flags set. The team is typically left at the default (red).


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
Halo 2 Vista Maps