Kill Trigger Volumes

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A kill trigger volume is used to create a trigger area or volume that kills the player when he enters it. These areas are most commonly used for preventing the player from going outside of the level, such as when the player falls off a cliff or into a deep chasm.

To create a kill trigger volume

1.      In Sapien, open the scenario.

2.      In the Hierarchy Pane, click the Mission folder, the Game Data folder, and then the Kill Trigger Volume folder.

3.      In the Game Window, right-click to place the kill trigger volume and adjust it as you want.

Note: Do not change the name of the kill trigger volume from its default name, as this may prevent the kill trigger volume from working.

4.      Save your .scenario file, create a new .map cache file, and then run the level in game to test the kill trigger volume.

When a kill trigger volume is placed, a green cube appears with a Gizmo located in its lower-left corner. When the kill trigger volume is selected, it is green; when unselected, it is red.

The kill trigger volume can be selected and manipulated just like any other object. To adjust the orientation of the kill trigger volume, simply use the Gizmo to move or rotate it around as you would any other object. (For information about moving and rotating objects, see the Asset Manipulation Gizmo section.)

You can also move its position by manually entering values in the position boxes for x, y, and z in the Properties Palette.

To change the dimensions of the kill trigger volume, hover the mouse over any of the kill trigger volume’s edges to highlight the side. When highlighted, click and drag the face along its axis.

Make sure the kill trigger volume covers the entire area you wish to have affected. The kill trigger volume can extend outside the level or intersect or penetrate the level geometry. A level can have more than one kill trigger volume.


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