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Open Scenario: Opens an existing scenario that has been exported from a 3D modeling program and converted for editor use through Halo 2 Tool. Opening a scenario automatically closes any open scenario.

Save Scenario: Saves the open scenario.

Save Scenario As: Saves the open scenario with a different name or at a different location you specify.

Exit: Closes Sapien.


Expert Mode: Unlocks fields in the Properties palette that are otherwise inaccessible. Recommended only for expert users.

Reset Object Z: Resets the selected object's z plane coordinate to 0.

Copy Object Transform: Copies the exact position and orientation of a selected object within the scenario to the clipboard.

Apply Object Transform: Pastes the selected object to the exact position and orientation of a previously copied object from the clipboard. This command pastes the object exactly on top of the copied object.

Hexadecimal Mode: Changes unique IDs for objects to hexadecimal format.


Toolbar: Toggles the toolbar on and off.

Status Bar: Toggles the status bar on and off.

Game View: Toggles the Game Window on and off.

Property View: Toggles the Properties Palette on and off.

Hierarchy View: Toggles the Hierarchy Pane on and off.

Tool Option View: Toggles the Tool Window on and off.

Reset Window Prefs: Resets the Sapien windows settings to the default settings. The window arrangement when closing Halo 2 Sapien will be saved in preferences.


Map Reset: Resets the scenario to its launch state.


Help: Opens the complete Help file for the Halo 2 Map Editor for Halo 2 for Windows Vista.

Getting Started with Sapien: Links to the Sapien sections located in the Help file for the Halo 2 Map Editor.

Halo 2 for Windows Vista Website: Takes you to the official Halo 2 for Windows Vista website.

About: Provides general information about Sapien including the version number and copyright information.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
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