Gravity Lifts

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Gravity lifts push a player in a specified direction when the player enters the area of the lift. They take many forms visually, such as the energy lift on the multiplayer maps Lockout and Coagulation or the steam vents found in Ivory Tower. The visual component of the lift is created using geometry (either static or .scenery model objects) or particle effects. The gravity field is a physics object created and attached to a .crate object, which is what is placed and oriented in the level.

Several premade gravity lifts objects are provided, including the lift in Lockout (\tags\scenarios\objects\multi\lockout\lockout_lift_tube\lockout_lift_tube.crate) and Coagulation (\tags\scenarios\objects\multi\halo\coagulation\powerhaus\powerhaus.crate).


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
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