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Description text appears when a level is selected on the Halo 2 for Windows Vista menu. It is a short paragraph describing the level's concept and setting. Use description text to inform players about the level and objectives.

Creating Description Text

To add description text, create a Unicode string file in the data/scenarios/descriptions folder. For details on creating multilinqual_unicode_string_list files, see the Creating Unicode Strings section.

Including Description Text in Levels

To include description text in a level

1.      In Guerilla, click the Tags, Scenarios, and Multi folders, and then open the scenario.

2.      Open the Level Data heading of the .scenario file.

Description text for the scenario is located in the Game Engine Strings box. This will either be empty or display the name of the multilingual_unicode_string_list currently selected for the scenario.

3.      To change or add description text, click Browse, click the Tags, Scenarios, and Descriptions folders,select a new multilingual_unicode_string, and then click Open.

The name of the new description text file is displayed in the Game Engine Strings box.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
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