Decorator Brush

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The decorator brush in Sapien paints foliage, urban debris, and other objects on the floor of a Halo 2 scenario. It paints decorations in the scenario through decoration sets located in the Properties palette.

To use the decorator brush

1.      In the Hierarchy pane, click the Mission folder, the Structure Data folder, Decorator Brush, and then Edit Palettes.

2.      In the Object Class drop-down list, select the decorator set object class if it is not already selected, and then click Add.

3.      Browse to the decorator set you want to add (typically, in \tags\scenarios\decorators), click Add Tags, and then click Done.

4.      In the Properties Palette, select a decoration set.

5.      Click and drag the brush in the Game Window to paint details.


Right-click and drag the brush in the Game Window to erase details.

Note: Decorator sets are not displayed in the Game Window by default. To view the decorator sets you have applied, press the TILDE (~) key to open or close the command console and then type the command render_decorators 1 to turn on decorator rendering. To turn off decorator rendering, type render_decorators 0 in the command console.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
Halo 2 Vista Maps