Capture The Flag

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A Capture the Flag (CTF) game-type scenario must meet detailed requirements:

·        16 Player starting points for each team, red and blue.

·        3 CTF flag spawns, set to red, blue, and neutral.

·        2 CTF flag returns, one red and one blue.

Setting Spawn Points

There are two types of player spawn points: initial spawn zones and respawn zones. Initial spawn zones mark where players start the game. Respawn zones are where players restart after being killed in the level (for more information, see the Spawn Zones section)

Setting Flag Spawns

A blue flag spawn should be placed in the blue base, and a red flag spawn should be placed in the red base.

To place a CTF flag spawn point

1.      In Sapien, open the scenario.

2.      In the Hierarchy pane, click the Mission folder, click the Game Data folder, click the Netgame Flags folder, and then click the CTF Flag Spawn folder.

3.      In the Game Window, right-click to place the flag spawn.

4.      In the Properties Palette, assign the flags on these flag spawns by selecting Multi Flag/Bomb and Single Flag/Bomb.

A flag spawn set to the neutral team should be in the center somewhere, with its flags set to Neutral Flag/Bomb.

Setting Flag Returns

Put a flag return set to team Red in the red base and a flag return set to team Blue in the blue base. The procedure is the same as setting a flag spawn except that flag returns are located in the CTF Flag Return folder.

In the Properties Palette, assign all three flags on these as multi flag/bomb, single flag/bomb, and neutral flag/bomb.


Courtesy of Halo Maps website
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