Adding Extra Vehicles and Turrets

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Through customization menus, you can create custom game variants to play. Custom game options change the defaults for equipment that normally appears in the level. This effectively overrides the default equipment setup and, in some cases, adds additional equipment to the level.

The player-adjustable options are the settings for Primary Light Vehicle, Secondary Light Vehicle, Primary Heavy Vehicle, Banshee, Primary Turret, and Secondary Turret.

Use Halo 2 Sapien to set up the netgame equipment in your level that serves as the default netgame equipment (weapons, vehicles, and turrets) for each game mode.

Once the default netgame equipment has been set up, place additional netgame equipment around the level where you want it to appear. Make sure its position and orientation are correct. Once placed, there will not be a visual representation of the object. After placing the object, unselect the Item/Vehicle Collection check box in the Properties Palette. This creates a vehicle or turret spawn point.

To add a machine gun turret that only appears when the player selects any option other than Map Default

1.      In Sapien, open the scenario.

2.      Select an existing machine gun turret in the level.

3.      In the Game Window, right-click to place a copy of the turret.

4.      In the Properties Palette, select Secondary Turret in the Classification box.

5.      In the Item/Vehicle Collection box, click Clear.

You have now added support for an additional turret in the level. Depending on what the player chooses, the turret can be a Human machine gun turret or Covenant plasma turret.

Save the .scenario file, and the next time the level is in the game you can test this optional turret by going to the Secondary Turret setup in Game Options screen and selecting any option other than Map Default.

With some modifications to the properties, the preceding technique works for additional vehicles, as well.

There is quite a bit of flexibility for default and additional equipment in each level. Equipment can appear only in certain game types or when the player chooses the appropriate option from the Customization menu.

Too many different vehicle types for each classification can make customization difficult. For example, if all vehicles are set to Primary Light Vehicle, when the player changes game options for the Primary Light Vehicle all vehicles are affected by that change. Keep vehicle setups simple, and keep the game customization menus in mind when setting up not only the default vehicles but also optional vehicles and equipment.


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