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The Importance of the Oddball Game Type
Date: June 18 2007 - Section NEWS
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When designing a map for the Halo 2 for Windows Vista game it is important to include the settings and object placement for the Oddball game type. That means placing the Oddball in the map. I know you are wondering why I say this so let me explain.

Bungie was kind enough to include the "Oddball glitch" in the Halo 2 Vista game. The glitch allows you a method of discarding your weapons and removing the first person hands and weapons from the screen.  When you take a screenshot, the [F11] key, the screenshot is written to the drive without the HUD interface and if you have no weapons without the first person hands. So you get a clean unobstructed view of the scene.

Here at Halo Maps we are in the process of developing a more extensive image gallery of the maps for Halo 2 Vista and will be taking many more screenshots to show off the design of user created maps. Having high-resolution screenshots without first person hands will allow us to better show off the designs of the maps.

The Oddball Glitch:  
Start an Oddball game with the Plasma Pistol as your primary weapon and "None" as your secondary weapon.

Overcharge the Plasma Pistol by holding down the trigger. Then, with the gun still charged, pick up the Oddball. Next, drop the Oddball. Due to this glitch, you will actually drop your Plasma Pistol as well.

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